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Private Pilot

Private Pilot Course
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The X-Plane Junkies' Private Pilot Course will start you on the right foot with sound aviation fundamentals often over looked by new virtual aviators. Over 13 hours of instruction and lessons will get you off to a great start.


Aircraft Limitations

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: Nicholas RizzoComplexity: Easy

Before we can jump into the Carenado Cessna 172N, we must first understand what the limitations are so we fly safely. Safety factors such as airspeed, engine, weight, maneuvering and fuel are covered and will prepare you for your first flight which will happen in the next lesson.

Normal Operations

Length: 90 minutesAuthor: Nicholas RizzoComplexity: Easy

This course covers the checklists for Normal Operations of the Carenado Cessna 172N. You will start some basic flying in this lesson but do not worry too much about precision flying but focus more on the checklist structure. As we move into training on specific flight maneuvers you should have these checklist items down solid so you can focus on flying. In the real world of flight training, you would have an instructor doing the critical phases of flight like takeoff and landings but since we are in a simulation environment, you get to dive in quickly and fly these phases of flight in the safety of a simulator. Even if your landings are awful at this time, do not get discouraged. Future lessons will focus on these maneuvers directly. There are also some other undocumented checklists like the GUMPS checklist that we will go over in later lessons.

Flight Maneuvers

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: Nicholas RizzoComplexity: Standard

Now you really learn how to be an aviator. We will methodically go through the most important flight maneuvers starting with flying straight and level then moving on to more advanced flight maneuvers all the way through cross wind landing techniques.

Phases of Flight

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: Nicholas RizzoComplexity: Standard

The Phases of Flight lesson goes into more detail of each portion of a normal flight. We start with taxi techniques then move into more detailed instruction for takeoffs covering the differences between best rate of climb and best angle of climb. Crosswind takeoffs, high altitude takeoffs and taking off from a soft field will be covered as well. Then we move on to managing enroute climbs and various cruise power settings along with initial approaches and entering the pattern.