MD-80 Release Group Flight

Rotate Sim MD-80

MD-80 Release Group Flight

Rotate Sim MD-80 Group Flight

Now that the MD-80 has been out in the wild a few days, X-Plane Junkies is collecting as many "Mad Dog" pilots as possible to make a group flight from Phoenix (KPHX) to Dallas (KDFW) on Saturday December 12, 2015.  Departure time will be at 11:00am US Central (17:00 Zulu).  This flight will also be conducted on VATSIM and we are trying to get some controllers online for our flight.  We recommend logging on to VATSIM and joining the X-Plane Junkies TeamSpeak 30 minutes before departure.  When logging on to VATSIM we ask that you use a callsign of XPJ, the "Junky" callsign.  For example, XPJ2231, and ATC will call you "Junky 2231".  Here are the additional details of the flight.

Route Details

  • Cruise altitudes available: FL310 and FL330
  • Distance: 777nm (1 hour and 48 minutes cruising at M0.75)
  • Charts can be found below

Additional Details

  • 10:30am US Central (16:30 Zulu): Meet in the XPJ TeamSpeak - Server and the pw is "xpj"
  • Log on to VATSIM with a Junky callsign (XPJ followed by flight number)
  • 11:00am: Departures begin
  • 12:50pm: First arrivals in to KDFW
  • 1:00pm: Much rejoicing


I have placed all the charts most likely to be used on this flight in one PDF document.  Download (3.6MB) the document by clicking here.  For the flight plan overview on SkyVector, click here.  If you have questions on how to fly these departures, arrivals or have questions about flying the MD-80 in general meet in the TeamSpeak as early as 9:30am Central (15:30 Zulu) and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Rotate Sim MD-80

Wide shot of the cockpit: Rotate Sim MD-80

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